Procurement Unit


The Procurement Unit is an outfit in the Procurement Entity with the responsibility of superintending procurement activities in the Assembly. The Head of the Procurement Unit and his/her team shall be responsible for undertaking and co-ordinating all detailed procurement activities within the Assembly.


The Procurement Unit with an oversight responsibility to the stores has a total of eight (8) staff as stated in the table below.

1.Procurement Officers    2  
2.Stores Officer    1  
3.Nabco Trainees    4  
4.National Service    1  
  Total      8


To be the first class Unit in administering its functions efficiently and effectively within the Krowor Municipal Assembly.


To achieve value for money through the use of procurement processes for the purchase of goods, works and services by the use of public funds to meet the needs of user Departments/ Units within the Municipality in a competitive, fair and transparent manner to ensure proper accountability.


To provide technical support for all procurement activities for the achievement of the objective of the Krowor Municipal Assembly.


The Head of the Procurement Unit shall perform the following functions:

  • Receiving procurement requests from originating officers, checking that the proposed procurement is within the approved procurement plan, and that budgeted funds are available prior to commencement of procurement proceedings
  • Ensuring that funds are properly committed prior to issue of any contract or Purchase Order
  • Co-ordinating the preparation of specifications, terms of reference, bills of quantities, drawings, short-list or advertisements, and prequalification, tender or request for quotation documents. Where so required by the Tender Committee, submission of documentation for review and approval by the Tender Committee prior to issue
  • Arranging the publication of advertisements and notices of contract award
  • Co-ordinating  the process of opening  of tenders and quotations and ensuring the preparation of formal records of tender or quotation opening in accordance with Section 56 of the Act
  • Participating in evaluation activities of the Tender Evaluation Panel where necessary and assisting in preparation of formal Evaluation Report
  • Preparing submissions for approval of award by the appropriate authority in accordance with the threshold values established in Schedule 3 of the Act.
  • Maintaining and updating the database of suppliers, contractors and consultants
  • Participating in negotiations with consultants where necessary or other tenderers where expressly permitted in Act or Regulations
  • Preparing notification of awards and contracts
  • Arranging publication of notices of contract awards
  • Preparing contract documents and Purchase orders, in line with the award decision
  • Preparing and issuing tender rejection and tender debriefing letters
  • Preparing contract variations and modifications
  • Assisting with the inspection and acceptance of goods, works and services
  • Maintaining procurement records in accordance with Section 28 of the Act and the Regulations