The Krowor North Zonal Council is one of the two (2) Zonal Councils of Krowor Municipal Assembly (KroMA).The population of the Krowor North according to the 2021 Population and Housing Census has estimated the population of the Municipality to be 62,040. The Zone is 100% Urban. The Population is comprised of 51.6% female and 48.4% male. The Krowor North Zonal Council consists of six electoral areas, and they are Blekese West, Blekese East, Baatsonaa, Okpoigonno, Adogono and Nkpor.

The zone shares a boundary with the Krowor South Zonal Council to the East, the Tema West Municipality to the Northeast and the Ledzokuku Municipality to the Northwest

The Economic activity in the Zone is driven by Commerce. Four main economic activities that drive the Zones economy are Commerce, Service, Agriculture and Industry. The Zone is well placed at the centre of the Municipality to attract large investments. The unique mixture of both the formal and informal nature of the economy in the area remains an engine of growth and provides many opportunities for the North Zonal council to thrive