The Krowor Municipal Assembly Townhall and Public Financial Management meeting was held at the James Mckeown Worship Centre Baatsona on Tuesday 14th September, 2021. The program commenced exactly 10:58am with an opening prayer which was said by Hon. Lawrence Nii B. Borquaye (A/M Laweh E/A).

The Chairman for the august occasion was the Municipal Chief Executive for Krowor, Hon. Joshua Nii Bortey welcomed the invited guest to the occasion. He thanked each and every one for making time to attend this function. He said the purpose of the function was to enable the municipality’s constituent brainstorm, question and seek for answers to issues affecting them.

Some important dignitaries to grace the occasion were Hon. Nii Afotey Botwe II (Presiding Member), Frederick Akitty (Municipal Co-ordinating Director), Representatives of the King of Nungua and Gborbu Wulomo, Hon. Assembly Members and Staff of the Assembly.

Hon. Lawrence Nii B. Borquaye with his initially remarks suggested that the subsequent townhall meetings of the municipal assembly be held closer to the indigenous communities for promote proper accountability to the people the assembly serves.

The Chairman for the occasion apologized to the Hon. Assembly Member and to the people. He said that the next townhall meetings would be held in communities closer to the indigenes of which such townhall meetings would be held on Saturdays or Sundays.

The introduction of invited guest was done by Hon. Lawrence. This was followed by the presentation on the status of 2021 Plan Implementation and Plan for 2022 Public Financial Management (PFM). This was done by Rahinatu Agambire (Municipal Planning Officer) and Dickson Duut (Municipal Budget Officer).

Madam Rahinatu gave the breakdown on the program and activities the Municipal Assembly is undertaking and planned to undertake in 2022. Mr. Duut on the other hand delivered his presentation termed as “Budget Presentation Social Accountability”.

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